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Injustice 2 Could Have A Demo Or Beta In The Future

by Damian Seeto


Injustice 2 might have a demo or beta when it comes out next year. This is according to Ed Boon while he was replying to many fan tweets this week.

A fan asked Ed Boon on Twitter if there is a chance that Injustice 2 could get a demo or beta. He replied with: “There is a chance, yes.

Hopefully this tweet means that fans can get a chance to play the game before it comes out. Street Fighter 5 had betas to test out the network code before launch. Hopefully NetherRealm Studios plans for something similar. After all, it’s important to test out online servers before launch.

Ed Boon also gave a few other teasers about Injustice 2 on his official Twitter account. He said that more character polls will be held in the future so we might get to see who they are interested in putting into the final game.

Other replies suggest that we may see Catwoman, Starfire and Black Canary in the game. These characters aren’t confirmed yet, but Boon was enthusiastic when these names were brought up by fans.

He also confirmed that returning characters will have new moves and special costumes will appear. He didn’t confirm anything 100 percent, but we may see alternate costumers for the likes of The Flash and Superman.

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