Insomniac Releases an Inside Look at Marvel’s Spider-Man

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During D23 Expo’s video game showcase, the developers at Insomniac released a new trailer providing an inside look at Marvel’s Spider-Man. The PlayStation 4 exclusive will feature an original story and an older, more experienced Peter Parker.

Lead Writer Jon Paquette noted that while it’s incredible to be working on a game with such an iconic character, he also implied that it comes with a ton of expectations. “The greatest thing about working on a Spider-Man game is that you’re working on a Spider-Man game. The hardest thing is that it’s a Spider-Man game,” he said. Still, Insomniac cares about storytelling and is committed to creating a compelling title that satisfies fans.

The developer isn’t just crafting a superhero story, but a “human story as well,” according to Art Director Jacinda Chew. Insomniac aims to do this by weaving together Peter Parker’s life and his identity as Spider-Man.

Peter Parker in this game is 23 years old and has been Spider-Man for 8 years. He’s no longer just discovering his powers, he is familiar with them and is essentially in the “prime of his career” akin to an athlete. The trailer showcases new gameplay as Creative Director Bryan Intihar discussed how he wants the players to take advantage of the environment and Spider-Man’s powers in unique ways.

Intihar knows how much the character means to people and assured fans that Insomniac is doing whatever it takes to make this the ultimate Spider-Man experience and the game that people have been waiting for.

An Inside Look at Marvel’s Spider-Man

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