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Installation servers go live for Diablo III

by William Schwartz


In preparation for the return of Diablo III, Blizzard has readied the the installation servers for the game.  This means if you log into your account, you can begin to install Diablo III on your PC or Mac.

If this is your first time playing Diablo, or you just need a refresher, you’ll be treated to a recap of the story during the install.  After the game is installed, you’ll also get a taste of the Diablo III cinematics with the game’s intro sequence as well.

Gameplay servers will go live later this evening, and taking these precautionary steps will allow you to go scouring for loot at the flick of the switch.  Diablo III officially releases at midnight tonight, and these features are for those that have pre-purchased the game.  You can pre-purchase Diablo III and begin the downloading and installation process from

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