Is A New Dragon Ball Z Movie Really In Development?

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There has been a little debate among Dragon Ball Z fans if a new animated movie really is in development. It all stems from a new interview with Tadayoshi Yamamuro who is one of the animators for the franchise.

Spanish website, Ramen to Dos, interviewed Tadayoshi Yamamuro recently. According to the site’s translation, Yamamuro said: “There are three films: Battle of Gods , Resurrection of F and another in production. This trilogy will develop much more Dragon Ball Super explaining events in the series of films in more detail.”

However, many native Japanese speakers are disputing the translation of the interview. They feel Yamamuro was actually just talking about the third saga of the Dragon Ball Super TV Series which will focus on Champa. The Japanese speakers feel Ramen to Dos misinterpreted Yamamuro’s words on saying that a new Dragon Ball Z movie is being made.

Although, Ramen to Dos is sticking to its guns and still feels its interview is accurate. The site responded on YouTube by saying: “Let’s not waste any more time on this pointless argument. A professional interpreter who translated it is dedicated to the interview and clearly said “trilogy” and “another” forego not a fan of a place. Also we confirm the information after two distributors are interested in this third film and are already negotiating with TOEI.

If you want to believe it, perfect. If you wish to continue thinking that everything is an invention or a hoax, also it gives us the same. The evidence is there, and in a few months when Toei announced the film will be the final confirmation. We do not care if one or two people do not believe our information, our job is to inform not try to convince anyone.”

The interview in question has been posted on YouTube below. If you understand Japanese, you can judge if Yamamuro was referring to a third Dragon Ball Z movie or just the third saga of Dragon Ball Super. Let us know your opinions on this.

Update: Ramen to Dos deleted the comments made above. Maybe the translation was wrong after all and a third film was never mentioned. It was just the third arc of Dragon Ball Super.

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