Is a Pokemon Nintendo Direct on the Way?

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Fans across the internet have become very excited thanks to a lot of rumors and speculation that point to an upcoming Nintendo Direct focused on Pokemon. The theory is that Pokemon Stars will be announced for the Nintendo Switch, though this name is also just a rumor at this point. What evidence is there for such a presentation? We’ll break it down.

Before today everything was pretty loose. Some people were saying that they expected a Pokemon themed Nintendo Direct mostly based on the fact that previous announcement came around this time. However, things heated up today with news that Nintendo had actually went back and deleted past Pokemon Nintendo Directs off of their official YouTube channel.

Both the Sun & Moon and X & Y Nintendo Direct presentations have now disappeared from the official channel. The idea, according to those who are speculating on this, is that Nintendo wanted to avoid any confusion about upcoming announcements.

For example, if Nintendo announces Pokemon Stars for Switch, they don’t want people pulling up the original Sun & Moon Direct and seeing information about the 3DS release. They’ve done this with past game announcements, trying to clear the way for people to find out more about the game, so it’s a strong sign that at least something is coming up.

Could a Pokemon themed Nintendo Direct be set for tomorrow or Friday? Usually Nintendo likes to give more of a heads up on things like this, but we have seen surprise Directs announced just a day or two beforehand. That could definitely happen here, but a few things should give fans pause.

E3 2017 is right around the corner, and Nintendo looks to have a massive showing there. Pokemon on Nintendo Switch would be a huge announcement, and would keep people talking about the Switch during the whole show. They could be trying to pull the same move as Bethesda with Fallout 4 though, making a small reveal of the game before the full unveiling takes place at the show.

Hopefully we find out soon, as all these Pokemon Stars rumors are starting to get a little crazy.

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