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John Romero’s personal copy of Doom 2 has sold for a hell of a lot of money

by Lewis White


Id Software co-founder John Romero is well-known for selling his belongings for hundreds of dollars, but just how much would fans pay for his personal copy of Doom 2?

Well, after a day of fierce bidding on eBay, Romero’s five-disk set of original Doom 2 3.5″ floppies have fetched $3,150. $3,150! The disks don’t even come in a box! And they’re only signed if you specifically ask! For comparison, you could buy over 1,600 copies of Doom 2 on Steam for that price in the current Steam sale.


Romero is one of the few game developers who are held to stardom, and it really shows. The Doom creator has sold many items with nothing more than his signuture adding to the value for over a hundred dollars, at the minimum.

For example, recently Romero sold a signed copy of David Kushner’s Masters of Doom book, a great book that details the founding of id Software, for $255. Before that, he sold a boxed copy of Heretic–a game made using the original Doom engine–for $1325.

It seems that fans of John Romero will purchase literally anything that the developer puts up for sale. If they’re willing to pay over three grand for an unboxed copy of Doom 2, just imagine how much they’d pay for his original Doom discs. Don’t get any ideas, Romero!

Source: eBay

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