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John Wick Strategy Game in Development for Consoles and PC

A strategy game based on the popular action movies is on its way.

by Dylan Siegler


Later this month, the third movie in the John Wick series will hit theaters. Capitalizing off of the popularity of the action movies, Lionsgate has handed the rights over to Good Shepherd Entertainment to make a strategy game based off the franchise.

Good Shepherd Entertainment recently revealed John Wick Hex, a strategy-action game that is currently in development for consoles (though which consoles specifically has yet to be revealed), as well as PC and Mac. The PC and Mac versions will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store upon launch. The game is being directed by Mike Bithell, who is known for his work on such games as Volume, Thomas Was Alone, and Subsurface Circular.

John Wick Hex will have players strategically planning out their moves to take down John Wick’s opponents with choreography inspired by the stylish action of the movies. The game will also feature its own original story within the franchise’s universe. Players will be able to unlock various weapons, each of which will play differently, so players can experiment with different play styles and strategies. The whole thing is wrapped in a graphic noir art style, making the game look like a comic book in motion. There is no word yet on when the game will release.

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