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Is Avalanche getting ready to announce Just Cause 3?

by William Schwartz


Avalanche Studios could be getting ready to make a major announcement. The studio responsible for Just Cause 2 says they’ve got “several surprises” in store for fans, with 2015 being a big year for the Swedish developers.

In a post on the company website, Avalanche teased both known and unknown quantities while revealing that they would be expanding the size of their studio by moving to a new location.

“2015 is set to be the biggest year since the inception of Avalanche Studios more than a decade ago. Next year, players will be able to roam the lethal open-world wasteland of Mad Max,” reads the post. “Avalanche Studios also has several surprises planned for next year,” it continues.

So what will these “surprises” be? Just Cause 3 has yet to be officially confirmed, but smart money is banking on the return of the popular open-world franchise as the installed base of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles increase.

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