The Justice League Movie Will See A Black Suited Superman

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At the end of Batman vs Superman, it was teased that Superman will return for the Justice League movie. However, he may be coming back in a different suit.


Henry Cavill posted on Instagram an interesting photo of what looks like a Superman suit colored in black. You can tell it’s a Superman suit because it has the same Krypton style of armor.

The Justice League movie is currently filming in London which means Superman will be back in a different looking suit. This follows the comic book storyline as Superman came back in a black suit too, although he also had a mullet. People are wanting Henry Cavill to have a mullet in the movie, but it’s more likely he’ll just have long hair.

The Justice League movie might not feature a lot of Superman because he’s presumed to be “dead”. This is why we never saw him in the first trailer that came out during Comic Con. It’s being said Superman will only come back during the latter half of the film to help out the other members.

All of these teases are coming really early considering the movie does not come out until November 2017. Hopefully the trailers are spoiler-free this time around.

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