Ken And Cammy Top Street Fighter V’s Most Wanted Character List

by Damian Seeto

Street Fighter fans really want Ken and Cammy to be included in Street Fighter V.

Play Magazine conducted a huge poll asking fans who they would like to see in Street Fighter V. This isn’t any random poll, as it was publicly endorsed by the official Street Fighter Facebook page.

Apparently over 70,000 people voted on the Street Fighter V poll by Play Magazine. Ken came out on top with 2,978 votes. Cammy was second in the poll with 2940 votes.

The top 10 requested Street Fighter V characters are:

1) Ken
2) Cammy
3) Akuma
4) Skullomania
5) Alex
6) Karin
7) R. Mika
8) Q
9) Violent Ken
10) Juri

The only confirmed characters for Street Fighter V are Ryu, Chun-Li and Charlie. Capcom has hinted the game’s roster might be smaller, so choosing the right characters will be very important.

It might be safe to assume that Ken will be in Street Fighter V. That’s like having a Mortal Kombat game with Scorpion only, but no Sub-Zero. It will be shocking if Ken gets snubbed.

Cammy being in Street Fighter V will be cool. She has always been a popular character. Hopefully Capcom considers putting her in the game.

Apart from Akuma, the rest of the characters have only appeared in one or two Street Fighter games in the past. Let’s hope fans get their way and some more unknown characters get a chance to shine in Street Fighter V.