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Killzone: Shadowfall getting Clan Support in upcoming update

by William Schwartz


Killzone: Shadowfall will be getting Clan Support in an upcoming update for the game, Guerrilla has revealed on the Killzone Blog. After months of fans asking the developer to establish the functionality, it appears that they’ve finally gotten the message.

“We truly appreciate the passion you’ve demonstrated in helping Killzone: ShadowFall become the best it can be, and we apologize for the time it’s taking to implement our full vision for the clan system. To make the wait more bearable, we’ve decided to roll out clan features in multiple phases.”

Guerrilla says that the first phase of this support will arrive with patch 1.09 in February. Shadowfall players will be able to use basic clan management functionality on the Killzone website, and display clan tags in-game. The developers say that there will be a number of patches in the weeks and months ahead that expand and enhance this functionality.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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