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Killzone: Shadowfall free on PS4 in weekend special

by William Schwartz


If you didn’t pick up Killzone: Shadowfall with your PlayStation 4, you’re missing out on arguably the best first party launch title for the new console. Good news is, Sony and Guerrilla Games are letting everyone try the shooter in a free weekend that opens up the game’s multiplayer component for all.

All additional maps will be made free going forward

The free trial runs from December 28th through December 31st, and should let players get a good look at the beautiful objective-based shooter. PlayStation Plus members can already begin pre-loading the game so that when the trial begins, they’re ready to play.

On the announcement, Guerrilla Games claims that the mode has been continually evolving since the November launch.

“The Shadow Fall multiplayer experience will continue to evolve and expand with new content and additional features. In fact, a new update will soon go live that addresses many oft-requested features, including the addition of voice chat. Moreover, all additional maps will be made available for free to ensure that the community grows without fragmenting. We’re committed to supporting Shadow Fall, and we’re excited to share more about that vision early in the new year.”

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