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Killzone Shadowfall getting free trial in March

by William Schwartz


PlayStation 4 owners will get a chance to try out Killzone Shadowfall on the free in March. Sony recently announced the prmotion, in which the multiplayer component of the shooter will be available for a week long trial.

The Killzone Shadowfall multiplayer trial begins at 5PM PST on March 3rd.

During the free trial, Guerrilla is prepping special Warzones to play on new maps, and compete on global leaderboards for the shooter. Clans will also be eligible to win prizes in the “Clan Community Challenge”.

Killzone: Shadowfall saw mixed reviews when it launched alongside the PlayStation 4 last fall. Multiplayer, while beautiful, felt incomplete when it comes to options and features. Is it finally time to see if Guerrilla has fixed the shooter? They’re certainly hoping that you log back in this March.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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