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Kinect Causing RROD on Xbox 360

by William Schwartz


Is Kinect giving old Xbox 360 consoles the Red Ring of Death? – It’s no secret the Microsoft’s Xbox 360 had its fair share of problems in the past.  The Red Ring of Death, was a symptom of many of the older model Xbox 360 consoles.  The RROD which was caused by system overheating issues forced the Xbox 360 to shutdown and display the red error codes on the led lights,  thus deeming it forever as The Red Rings of Death.

Fast forwarding to 2010 and the launch of Kinect, many older model Xbox 360 owners, who managed to escape the grips of the ever looming Red Rings are starting to complain about the compatibility between the Kinect and the older model Xbox 360.  These claims  are from users who had an older model Xbox 360 and recently purchased a Kinect, and when hooking up the new peripheral were met with the now infamous error code.

There are actually quite a few complaints over on the Xbox 360 user forums, looking for help in the matter.  It’s unconfirmed whether this problem is related to the new Kinect motion camera, or if those older model Xboxes had just died of old age.

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