Kinect Xbox One Voice Commands Finally Coming To Ireland, Austria and NZ

This article is over 9 years old and may contain outdated information

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The Xbox One’s Kinect voice commands were a standard feature for most launch countries. That is unless you lived in Ireland, Austria and New Zealand. Thanks to a new update, voice commands are now available.

Xbox Social Marketing Manager, Graeme Boyd, confirmed the good news on twitter: “Xbox One owners in Ireland, Austria and NZ! You can now use Kinect voice controls: Settings>Language & Location>Spoken English/German. Ta!”

Xbox One Kinect voice commands were something people in Ireland, Austria and New Zealand missed out on before. The Xbox One was out November 22nd in all countries with Kinect bundled, but it seemed useless without voice commands. Some New Zealanders I know changed the settings and pretended they were Australian instead.

It probably took Microsoft a bit more time to study the heavy accents of all three countries. If you live in Ireland, they have accents as heavy as WWE wrestler Sheamus. I don’t know too many Austrians, but Arnold Schwarzenegger is Austrian. He has a heavy and distinctive accent. As for New Zealanders, just listen to Temuera Morrison in the Star Wars prequels. He played Jango Fett and he sounds much different from the rest of the cast members.

Anyway, good news for folks living in those countries and that own an Xbox One with Kinect. Voice commands can finally work.

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