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Rumor: Kingdom Hearts 3 May Be Visiting Familiar World And Characters

by Dean James


Kingdom Hearts 3 is still a year or two away more than likely, with information trickling out very slowly since it’s official unveiling a couple years ago. We already know of two worlds based on Tangled and Big Hero 6, but now it sounds like we may be returning to a classic world that showed up in the first two games in the series.

According to KHInsider, Jim Cumming was recently at Albuquerque Comic Con, which a veteran member of the board, MATSGY, got a chance to speak to when signing autographs.

He first asked Cummings about whether Darkwing Duck would be in the game, he had little to say. However, the more interesting part is that he said that he is voicing Winnie the Pooh and Tigger in the game.

This would seem to indicate a return to 100 Acre Wood, which makes sense considering it has been used as a mini-game world in the past that always fits well in these games.

The user also got a chance to ask a question during Cummings’ Q&A panel, where he talked about the process of reading a translated script. He then added in that he had finished recording his part for Kingdom Hearts 3, though giving no details. Cummings also voices Pete, so it could mean he’s recorded a good bit of dialogue, but he didn’t go into specifics on who he voiced for at that point.

Obviously, this is to be taken with a grain of salt considering how the info was gotten, but there is little doubt that Cummings would be involved in some way, so it certainly makes a lot of sense.

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