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Kingdom Hearts III TGS Trailer Showcases Big Hero Six, Gummi Ship Gameplay

The Gummi Ship is finally back!

by Jacob Bukacek

Kingdom Hearts III is shaping up to be an absolutely massive experience. Square-Enix dropped new trailers for the game today at Tokyo Game Show, and not only did fans get a look at the Tangled and Big Hero Six worlds, but also a brief glimpse of what Gummi Ship gameplay will look like. Xehanort makes a brief appearance too, but what exactly is going on this time around is still quite murky.

The star of the trailer this time around was undoubtedly the world of Big Hero Six. Sora, Donald, and Goofy seem to enter the world at least half way into the events of the film, where Hiro and the gang have already started their fight against the “man in the mask.” Sora and his crew get themselves involved of course, and Sora’s keyblade gets some new, nanobot-inspired, abilities as a result. That’s not all there is to see here though.

Tangled is definitely it’s own world rather than a cameo appearance. With so many Disney worlds already incorporated, it’s a bit surprising to see yet another world announced, especially that of a one-off fantasy comedy. Still, more worlds are always welcome, and given Tangled’s comedy roots, it could very well serve as the comedic relief portion of the story.

The gummi ship finally made a proper appearance this time too. The blocky ship has been absent from the games since Kingdom Hearts II, but it looks like it’s finally making a full and complete come back in Kingdom Hearts III. Players will once again have the ability to fully customize their ships or even create their own from scratch before taking on Kingdom Hearts II-style missions. It doesn’t look like players will have to engage with the missions if they don’t want to; mission score counter wasn’t present during all the gummi ship footage shown. Either way, its great to see the ship make a return, even if it’s going to make waiting until January just a bit more difficult.

Kingdom Hearts III is set to release for January 25, 2019 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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