Attack of the Fanboy

Knack on PS4 is hoping to appeal to nostalgic gamers

by William Schwartz


Knack on the PlayStation 4 is one of the most unique launch titles for the new console.   So how does a game like Knack compete for core gamer’s attention in an industry filled with Call of Duty, Battlefield, and other ultra-realistic experiences?  Nostalgia, of course.

According to a recent interview with PS4 Architect and Knack Creator, Mark Cerny, his game is aiming for all audiences at launch.

“We are definitely speaking to the nostalgia that people feel for the play experiences of the past…  So, yes, I think many people will go to the store and get, say Watch Dogs or Killzone or the like for themselves and they’ll get Knack for another member of the family, but I also think a lot of core gamers will end up getting Knack for that old school – with a twist – feel.”

And that might work for the “core audience” but Cerny also makes it clear that he wants the PlayStation 4 to have something for every type of gamer.  “As system architect I knew there would be quality core games for launch for the core gamer. I just wanted to make sure there was something for the rest of the family to enjoy as well.”

Will you be getting Knack when the PlayStation 4 arrives this fall?  For yourself?  For your family?  Let us know in the comments section, below!

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