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Latest Monster Hunter World Iceborne Trailer Reveals Glavenus, New Subspecies

New monsters, a streamlined hub and an explosive tease

by Jelani James


The latest trailer for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne has arrived, and it offered a double whammy, confirming the return of Glavenus, as well as the inclusion of subspecies for some of the new monsters.

Just like with Tigrex, foreseeing Glavenus’ inclusion in Iceborne wasn’t too difficult: not only did we see part of its body, but the sequence at the end of the previous trailer was a clear callback to the cutscene where it’s introduced in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.

First introduced in Generations, Glavenus is classified as a brute wyvern and shares a few of the ramming and charging attacks that others of its ilk often use. However, its preferred method of attack is to swing its sword-like tail at its targets, dealing a considerable amount of damage when it connects. And in the off-chance it wants to heat things up, it can sharpen its tail by sliding it on the ground, granting it fiery effects and even greater damage potential.

In addition to the Glavenus reveal, we also saw the presence of subspecies for two monsters: Anjanath and Odogaron.

Subspecies have long been a part of the Monster Hunter series, granting vanilla monsters an interesting take on their movesets and movement patterns. To be clear, they were present in Monster Hunter World, but the only ones who had them were Rathian and Rathalos — both of whom are returning monsters.

Finally, some new monsters have received similar treatment, and it’s made them even more deadly. For instance, Fulgur Anjanath now has the potential to produce electricity instead of fire, while Ebony Odogaron can do a new double tail swipe attack and fire off projectiles.

Lastly, we see that the new Seliana home base is more streamlined than it’s original counterpart, placing all the necessary shops and features in close proximity of one another for quicker prep times pre-hunt. On top of that the “My Room” feature has new personalization options such as furniture, décor, and colors, with a post-launch update planned to allow other players to visit each other’s spaces.

Check out the new trailer (can you guess who’s being teased near the end?) and a developer diary below:

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