Is The Latest Rock Band DLC Teasing The Return Of The Series?

by Dean James

Rock Band was king of the music game genre for awhile, easily surpassing Guitar Hero in its later entries, but sadly the genre seemed to become too saturated and led to both series’ dying for the time being. There has been speculation by many that Rock Band will see its triumphant return sooner rather than later and Harmonix may be starting the teases now.

Not too long ago, we randomly started to get a few new DLC songs after the release of DLC was ended a good while back. Harmonix has now announced that two more songs are coming to the game, one from Tenacious D and one from Weezer, both of which seem to feature titles that revolve around coming back.

Tenacious D’ “Rise of the Fenix” from their 2012 album is pretty self explanatory, as the phoenix itself is known for always coming back from the dead. Weezer’s “Back to the Shack” comes from their new album, with this song also tending to point at something coming back. The question is whether this is total coincidence, a cruel joke by those deciding the songs, or Harmonix actually teasing the eventual Rock Band 4.

These two songs will available today on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 for $1.99 each.