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LawBreakers Closed Alpha Kicks Off This Weekend

by Mike Guarino


Developer Boss Key’s upcoming hero shooter called LawBreakers is set to launch later this year, though everyone will be able to get in on the action early thanks to a closed alpha. The closed alpha starts this weekend, taking place on June 18th and June 19th.

While this will be the first taste that many will get of the game, the developer promises that more testing phases of the game will take place throughout the Summer. The game is set to make its Early Access debut through Steam later this year, though an official launch window for that was not given.

  • A Cast Of Killers: Revel in unparalleled vertical violence by mastering the skills of an array of diverse anti-heroes, ranging from Cronos, a murderer who survived electrocution on death row, to Axel, a federal agent with a tattered past fighting for justice. Whether you kill for the nobility of the “Law” or are out for blood as a “Breaker”, these symmetrical roles satisfy any appetite in a game where the most skilled player and team will rise.
  • Threats From Every Angle: Experience visceral gameplay that is a cut above the competitive FPS genre; with variable gravity effects, unique role-based movement systems and gravity-manipulating abilities, making combat truly three-dimensional. Become a gravity-surfing killer and annihilate your enemies with grappling blades, reverse blind firing, time dilation, jetpacks and much more.
  • Modes that Matter: Fight to the death in intense game modes that elevate the shooter genre to all new levels. LawBreakers’ signature brand of gravity-induced chaos combined with innovative takes on multiplayer game modes offers a truly unique and highly competitive experience.
  • A World Reimagined: Experience a futuristic America, years after a global seismic event known as “the Shattering” forever changed the landscape and even gravity itself. Become immersed in a ranging conflict between Law and Breakers across American iconic locations including the boiling oceans of Santa Monica, a gravity ravaged Grand Canyon and beyond.

You can check out Dev Diary #5 for LawBreakers below, and sign up for a shot at getting in on the alpha by clicking right here.

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