Layton's Mystery Journey 3DS Fall release date

Layton’s Mystery Journey Comes To 3DS This Fall In US

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We recently learned that Level-5’s next installment in the Professor Layton series (Layton’s Mystery Journey) would be launching this Summer on iOS and Android worldwide. However, Despite the fact that a 3DS version was also announced to be launching in Japan alongside the iOS and Android versions, there was no information given regarding a 3DS version in the west.

Fear not, as it has now been confirmed that 3DS fans in the west will be getting a version of the game, but it will be coming later than the others. The game’s official website has been updated with the new information, which revealed that the game will be coming to the west on 3DS this Fall. A specific release date wasn’t shared, but it’s likely that more information on that will be coming relatively soon.

Level-5 claims that Layton’s Mystery Journey’s story “will focus less on dynamic problem-solving and more on solving multiple mystery cases observed in the everyday lives of Londoners, which will bring a faster tempo and more comical tone to the series. It will be more familiar — and funnier — than ever, while maintaining an adventurous quality. The creators of the puzzles and brain-teasers, the core element of the series, will also be new.”

Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy is notable for featuring a new protagonist, who is actually Hershel Layton’s daughter. Her father suddenly goes missing, which leads to her venturing out into the world to find him and bring him home. The game was originally called Lady Layton: The Millionaire Ariadone’s Conspiracy, but the developer ultimately decided to rename it to give the game a grander image.

The Professor Layton series has quietly become one of Nintendo’s most enduring franchises, with this year marking the 10th year anniversary of the series. Professor Layton and the Curios Village originally launched for the Nintendo DS in 2007, receiving critical acclaim for its story and puzzles.

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