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Lego Worlds Hits Early Access as a Minecraft Alternative

by William Schwartz

Notch might have beat Lego to the punch when it comes to building blocks of the virtual nature, but it appears that Lego finally has a response.  That response is Lego Worlds, which recently launched on Steam Early Access.

Announced today as a game that gives players “the freedom to alter procedurally generated worlds and create anything they can imagine one brick at a time.” If this sounds familiar the early images of the game look like Minecraft as well, so it’s clear that this game made by TT Games and Warner Bros is looking to offer Mojang some competition.

Lego Worlds doesn’t appear to be a Minecraft clone, the game looks to have a number of unique features.  Unique characters and creatures, vehicles, hidden treasures, and large-scale landscaping tools look like the game has a lot of possibilities for the creative.

Lego Worlds just entered into Early Access and can be found on Steam for $14.99.  TT Games claims there are plans for multiplayer, sharing features, and different Lego building sets in future updates to the game.


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