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Life is Strange: Episode 3 Release Date and Screenshot Revealed

by Kyle Hanson


Life is Strange: Episode 3 ‘Chaos Theory’ will be released on May 19th according to a press release from Square Enix. This is the third of five planned episodes for the narrative focused series. The game focuses on Maxine Caulfield, a seemingly normal girl living in Arcadia Bay, Oregon. After discovering that she has the power to rewind time everything changes and she is launched on a journey that could have dire consequences for Max, her best friend Chloe, and everyone around them.

Life is Strange: Episode 3 will continue this journey, with Square Enix describing the story as “Max & Chloe ramp up their investigation to find out what exactly is going on at Blackwell Academy and the whereabouts of Rachel Amber. Secrets will be uncovered and Max will find another use for her power!”

Once again choice will play a key role in the experience, as players decide what to do in various circumstances, and what to say to other people in conversations. All of these choices can be rewound and done differently, but only for a short amount of time. This far into the series players will have made many choices that can’t be undone, some of which they might regret once they see the true consequences of their actions.

To read up on the series you can check out our reviews of Life is Strange: Episode 1 and Episode 2. Life is Strange: Episode 3 ‘Chaos Theory’ will be released on May 19th for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.

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