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Lifetime PlayStation Home Console Shipments Now At 370 Million

by Damian Seeto


Sony hit the console market back in 1994, and has become a powerhouse ever since. Total PlayStation home console shipments are now at over 370 million.

A user on NeoGAF has compiled data from Sony’s fiscal year reports since 1994. Shipments for PlayStation consoles have now exceeded over 370 million.

Here’s the breakdown for PlayStation console shipments:

PSOne – 102.54 million
PS2 – 155.10 million
PS3 – between 85 million – 90 million (estimate)
PS4 – 19.90 million

Adding in shipments for the PSP and PS Vita, the total number of PlayStation console shipments will roughly 460 million consoles. The PSP shipped a lot of consoles during its lifespan. Sadly the PS Vita was never able to have the same amount of success thanks to the rise of tablets and smartphones.

To put this into more perspective, Sony is above its rivals Nintendo and Microsoft when it comes to home console shipments. That’s when you don’t include Nintendo handhelds.

Xbox home console shipments are at 122.8 million so far. This is a respectable number considering Microsoft only entered the market in 2001. Nintendo home console shipments are at 276 million. Again, this is home console numbers, and does not take into account Nintendo’s successful portable market.

With Sony now shipping 370 million home consoles, it goes without saying the PS4’s popularity could easily push that number to over 400 million home consoles in the next few years.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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