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Limited Edition 9-piece Dark Souls Trilogy soundtrack vinyl out later this year

by Mark McLean


Dark Souls publisher Bandai Namco have announced a Limited Edition soundtrack to From Software’s groundbreaking RPG trilogy. It will feature music from all three games spread over 9 vinyl discs, in a numbered collector’s box.

The collection will have 5 hours of orchestral music from the games, composed by Motoi Sakuraba (also known for his work on Super Smash Bros, Bravely Default, Resonance of Fate and the Tales Of series to name but a few) and Yuka Kitamura (Bloodborne), and will ‘make you dive into the sinister, dark and dramatic world of the series and remind each Dark Souls fan of their intense boss fights and the best (and worst) moments of their deadly journeys’ according to Bandai Namco’s press release. I can also see it coming in useful at the end of a party when you want everyone to go home, or when romancing that certain special someone over a candlelit dinner.

The soundtracks have previously been available on various formats – including on CD free with collector’s editions of the games and imported double LPs – but this will be the first time all three complete scores have been collected together in one package. Prices are as yet unannounced, but internet speculation is guessing at around $150 USD/£110 GBP, based on the price of the previously mentioned double LPs. The collection will be available through the new Bandai Namco Entertainment store, also due to launch in the Fall.

The premium box set is limited to only 2000 copies, so getting hold of one could actually be harder than finishing the notoriously challenging games. Fans can Prepare to Buy now, with pre orders presumably being taken closer to release.


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