Limited New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Edition Available In Europe

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While the New Nintendo 3DS has released in Japan and a few other random regions like Australia and New Zealand, the rest of the world is still awaiting the latest version of Nintendo’s handheld. They have not yet revealed a release date for the system in the US or Europe, but some specific Club Nintendo members in Europe have received an offer to purchase a special version of the handheld already, with the ability to get it before the official launch as well.

A few members on the gaming messageboard NeoGAF posted the emails that they received from Club Nintendo, which were as follows:

Would you like to get your hands on New Nintendo 3DS before the European launch?

Dear Nintendo fan,

We’d like to thank you, one of our most loyal customers, for all your support. To show our appreciation, we’re offering you the chance to purchase New Nintendo 3DS now, and get it before the official European launch!

New Nintendo 3DS will be coming to Europe in 2015, bringing new customisation options, new speed, new controls, new 3D viewing and a whole new handheld gaming experience! And with this offer, you can be one of the first players in Europe to own the new system!

The New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Edition bundle

For a limited time only, we’re giving you the opportunity to purchase our special New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Edition bundle – that includes exclusive Ambassador Cover Plates (which won’t be available anywhere else), a charging cradle, and a set of Super Smash Bros. cover plates, too! If you’d like to purchase it, you only have until 23:59 (UK time) on January 12th 2015 to take advantage of this offer.

Here’s what’s in the special bundle:

New Nintendo 3DS (White) which comes with an exclusive Ambassador Edition Cover Plate (Back), New Nintendo 3DS stylus, 4 GB microSDHC memory card, AR Cards, Quick-Start Guide, Operations Manual.
The exclusive Ambassador Edition Cover Plate (Front).
Super Smash Bros. Cover Plates (Front and Back).
Charging cradle (White).

The special Ambassador New Nintendo 3DS is said to cost 199.99€ as well. The question now is whether the US Club Nintendo will offer something like this as well to certain members. There is no indication on how Nintendo specifically chose those who got this offer as well, so it likely would be limited even if so. Either way, with seeing something like this pop up, it has to mean the release date for the handheld must be soon approaching.

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