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Update: Lizard Squad DDOS Attack Makes PSN Go Down

by Damian Seeto


Lizard Squad seem to be on a DDOS attack spree as it has taken down the PSN for now, although promises more things are coming.

If you go to the Lizard Squad Twitter page, they have once again claimed responsibility for taking down the PSN. They have sent out a tweet saying that the PSN is offline so people cannot log-in.

They actually deleted some tweets that encouraged them take down the PSN in the first place. They ran a campaign that told its own followers to either favorite or retweet if they should take down the PSN or Xbox Live today. More of its followers told The Lizard Squad to take down the PSN which is why it’s down today.

The Lizard Squad already took down Xbox Live twice earlier this week, so it’s PSN’s turn to go down. The group has said that this is just the beginning as they plan to take down more services throughout the entire month of December.

Gamers better prepare themselves for Christmas day as it looks like PSN and/or Xbox Live will be gone on that day. Other servers such as Destiny and possibly Call of Duty might be down too if they feel like trolling them.

Update: It appears the PSN is back online. It was offline for around two or three hours.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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