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Lizard Squad Member Reportedly Convicted For PSN/Xbox Live DDOS Attacks Last Year

by Damian Seeto


One member from the Lizard Squad has reportedly been convicted for the DDOS attacks he and his group did on the PSN and Xbox Live services last year.

As reported by Finland news site, Kavela (via The Daily Dot) Julius “zeekill” Kivimaki was a part of the Lizard Squad that attacked the PSN and Xbox Live services famously during the Christmas Holidays. He has now been convicted for his actions.

The 17 year old has a two-year suspended sentence and also has been ordered to speak out against cybercrime too. He has been convicted of “50,700 charges related to computer crimes” reports Kavela. Some of the other things he has done include “data breaches, felony payment fraud, telecommunication harassments, and other counts relate to fraud and violations of company secrets”.

Most gamers noticed his group’s actions targeting many online gaming services back in August 2014. The DDOS attacks occurred for many months and the most famous one occurred on Christmas day. The group reportedly stopped the attacks thanks to intervention from Kim Dot Com.

Mr Kivimaki is just one member of the group. It’s currently unknown how large the entire group is as it appears there are more members still out there.

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