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Long War 2 Mod is Now Available for XCOM 2, Aims to Give Players a New Strategic Experience

by Kevin Reyes


The long awaited Long War 2 mod for XCOM 2 is now available for the PC version of the game. Developed by Pavonis Interactive, Long War 2 is a total conversion mod that seeks to make an infamously difficult game even more difficult. Long War 2 aims to give players the feeling of running a worldwide guerrilla war against ADVENT and offers a greater variety of strategic and tactical experience.

Long War 2 was developed by the same group of people that created the original Long War mod for XCOM: Enemy Unknown and XCOM: Enemy Within and seeks to bring back the same level of challenge that their original mod brought to the first games. Long War 2 will have several new features including a much longer campaign, new classes, and a more intelligent enemy AI.

However the biggest change comes in the form of the new Strategy Layer, which seeks to make players feel more like they’re truly managing a world scale rebellion. ADVENT will now have a certain amount of strength in each region of Earth and the strength of their presence determines how difficult the missions in that region will be. The developers want to encourage players to strike where the enemy is weakest, just like a real resistance would.

In addition to that, players can now send in squads to infiltrate regions before starting an actual mission. The longer a squad is infiltrating an area, the easier the actual mission will be. However, the size of the squad will also affect how long an infiltration will take. A single soldier should be able to infiltrate quite quickly, but a group of ten will take much longer.

Finally, it is now possible to completely liberate a region from ADVENT control and doing so will trigger plot-related missions and give bonuses to resource gathering. However, ADVENT will not let a region free without resistance. Be ready to defend that area should they try to take it back.

The Long War 2 mod features several other new additions beyond just the Strategic Layer, all of which can be read on the mod’s Steam Workshop page. You can also choose to download the mod from the same page by clicking the Subscribe button.

Those that don’t own XCOM 2 but are interested in trying out this mod can get it now along with several other games for just $12 as a part of the February Humble Monthly Bundle.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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