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Lost Planet 2 Vital Suit Videos

by William Schwartz


Capcom released a couple of gameplay videos for Lost Planet 2 this morning. These two videos focus on the Vital Suit, so if you were wondering about it’s inclusion in Lost Planet 2, have no fear. One video shows the customization and repair of the vital suit, and the other shows the Vital suit in action.

The Vital Suit in Lost Planet 2 is a machine built to combat the enemy Akrid of the game.  Powered by Thermal Energy, these Vital Suits can be destroyed by concentrated enemy attacks.  The Vital Suit health is separate from the players own HP, and the player will need to eject from the suit to avoid being blown up with it.

Lost Planet is due from Capcom later this year.

These Lost Planet videos have been lost in the ether.  There’s nowhere else to check, Lost Planet died shortly after this post was originally published.  But surprisingly enough, Capcom is still making games.

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