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Madden 16 Player Ratings Revealed For Rookies

by Damian Seeto


Some Madden 16 player ratings have now been revealed for the rookies that will be in the game.

EA Sports announced the top 10 rookies in the game on their latest blog. Although none of the rookies score over a 90, they do rate favorably.

The top 10 rookies in Madden 16 are:

1) Amari Cooper (Oakland Raiders) – 82
2) Jameis Winston (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) – 81
3) Todd Gurley St. (Louis Rams) – 80
4) Lenoard Williams (New York Jets) – 80
5) Brandon Sherff – (Washington Redskins) 80
6) Dante Fowler – (Jacksonville Jaguars) 79
7) Melvin Gordon (San Diego Chargers) – 78
8) Kevin White –(Chicago Bears) 78
9) Marcus Mariota – (Tennessee Titans) 78
10) Vic Beasley – (Atlanta Falcons) 77

EA even released a short video of the rookies guessing and reacting to their own player ratings in Madden 16. Many of them guessed they would be in the 80 range.

Although some of them guessed in the higher range such as 84, 85 or 86. One person thought he was going to be a 92. Seeing their reactions was pretty funny.

When the players got their ratings, some of them were happy they guessed right. Others were confused and thought they should score higher. Some think their ratings will go up once Madden 16 comes out and the NFL season starts.

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