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Madden 16 Top 5 WRs See The Fall Of Megatron

by Dean James


EA Sports is on a roll lately with the early release of all their position rankings for Madden 16, coming one per day. We’ve already seen the top rookies, running backs, and quarterbacks, and now that means it is time for the wide receivers, which like the QB ratings has seen the drop of the top wide receiver from last year.

Madden 16 not only sees a brand new man at the top of the WRs list, but also three brand newcomers to the top 5, one of which is in that top spot. The new #1 WR in the game is the Steelers’ Antonio Brown, who comes in with 99 stats for both Catching and Route Running.

Cowboys WR Dez Bryant comes in at #2 after another spectacular season with amazing stats at Catching, Jumping, and Spectacular Catch, which is a big jump from his #5 spot on the list last year.

The king of the WRs the last few years has been Lions WR Calvin Johnson without a doubt, even getting a 99 OVR rating last year. However, he has seen a bit of a drop after a lesser season last year, now ranked #3 with a 95 OVR, though he still is incredible at breaking away from press coverage in the game.

There was no doubt that cover athlete Odell Beckham Jr. from the Giants would be near the top, but his talent is the main reason he is here at the #4 spot. Made famous by his amazing catches last year, of course he has a 99 Spectacular Catch rating.

Lastly, we have yet another change from last year, with newcomer to the top 5 in Falcons WR Julio Jones. A model for consistency, Jones ranks near the top in so many different categories like Catch in Traffic and Agility.

As always, EA Sports themselves have given details about each of these as a way to show why they are rated what they are, which you can see below.


The NFL’s leading receiver has top marks with 99 Catching and 99 Route Running. His raw skills include 90 SPD/96 ELUS/91 ACC. Other outstanding ratings are 95 JKM, 93 SPC, 98 CIT.


Fight for the ball with Bryant’s three 98s for Catching, Jumping, and Spectacular Catch. He’ll get there with 89 SPD/90 ACC/92 ELUS and breaking loose is easy with 91 SPM/95 JKM.  


Megatron still beats press coverage with 98 Release, and his catching skills really shine with 97 CTH/91 CIT/98 SPC. Other standouts are 93 AGI/90 JKM/92 RTE.


It’s no surprise that the Madden NFL 16 cover athlete has 99 Spectacular Catch. Other superlatives are 97 CTH/97 RTE/96 JKM. His physical skills impress with 92 SPD/93 ACC/94 ELUS.


Already in his fifth year, Jones has emerged as one of the game’s premier wideouts. He brings 97 Spectacular Catch and three 94s in Catching, Catch in Traffic, and Agility. He also shines with 92 SPD/92 ACC/87 ELUS, as well as 87 JMP/91 RTE.

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