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Madden 16 Top Kickers Are Outstanding In The Clutch

by Dean James


EA Sports is really pushing out the promotion for Madden 16 with still three weeks to go until its release. We’ve already seen the top players at all offensive and defensive positions, so now it’s time to take a look at special teams, specifically at the top kickers in the game, which are even more important now with the rules change.

Justin Tucker has easily been the most reliable kicker in the league for the Ravens, with an absolutely incredible FG percentage that is better than anyone in history. Tucker is not only accurate, but has plenty of leg behind him as well.

Stephen Gostkowski gets just about more work than any other kicker in the league behind the high powered Patriots offense. After scoring more than anyone in 2014, he is looking to continue that trend yet again for the defending Super Bowl champs.

Tucker may be the best in NFL history percentage wise, but Cowboys K Dan Bailey is literally right behind him. Bailey is the most accurate kicker in the game and is very well deserving of that statistic.

The Falcons’ Matt Bryant had a phenomenal 2014 season, where he converted every single kicker under 50 yards, which is immensely impressive. He may not get the longest kicks, but he is as good as it gets from the mid-range.

The 49ers had a rather disappointing 2014 season, but Phil Dawson still managed to play very well, and with so many leaving, Dawson is left as one of the veterans of the team. Always good in the clutch, Dawson is great to have on your side in a close game.

While there aren’t as many details possible with Kickers as most other positions, EA Sports has still provided a more detailed breakdown of why these are the top 5 kickers, which you can see below.


Tucker’s 89.8 field goal percentage is the best ever for an NFL kicker. He starts Madden NFL 16 with 95 Kick Accuracy and league-best 98 Kick Power.


The Patriots made Gostkowski the highest-paid kicker in NFL history. He led the NFL with 35 field goals converted, and also in scoring with 156 points. He has 94 Kick Power and 95 Kick Accuracy.


Bailey’s 89.7 field goal percentage is just behind Tucker’s for the best in NFL history. Bailey has 93 Kick Power and 96 Kick Accuracy (tops among all kickers).


Bryant was perfect in 2014 with 100% conversion on all attempts from less than 50 yards. He has 90 Kick Power and 94 Kick Accuracy in Madden NFL 16.


Dawson’s clutch kicking is a welcome constant for a 49ers team that has weathered so many offseason changes. He has 92 Kick Power and 89 Kick Accuracy.

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