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Madden 16 Top Offensive Linemen Set The Scene

by Dean James


Madden 16 is fast approaching and as the days tick away until its release, EA Sports is releasing details about player stats at a fast pace. We’ve already seen stats for the top offensive playmakers in the league and now it’s the turn of the players that ensure that they have the time to make those plays, the offensive lineman.

The offensive linemen are some of the hardest to narrow down to only a top 5, as there are 5 on each team that are starters on the o-line. The number one is offensive guard Marshal Yanda for the Ravens, who is top in the league for his run blocking, making anyone behind him able to put up some good yards.

Just behind him is Aaron Rodgers’ best friend in Packers linemen Josh Sitton. With superb pass blocking, there are few that can get past this guy, giving Rodgers plenty of time to throw.

Eagles OL Jason Peters is without a doubt one of the strongest players in the league and that is why he’s the top with a 98 Strength. With 2014’s leading rushing Demarco Murray set to run behind him, this should be quite the tandem.

The Jets may not have been that great the last few years, but Nick Mangold has continued to dominate incoming defenders year after year as the team’s star center. That is not looking to change anytime soon nearly 10 years later, so he is very deserving of this spot.

Bengals OL Andrew Whitworth comes in at the #5 spot and has been an absolute mainstay in that Bengals lineup for years and will continue to protect starting QB Andy Dalton.

In addition, it was also revealed who the next two were in line, though only with their name and OVR rating. That is Browns Left Tackle Joe Thomas and recent free agent Evan Mathis, who both come in at 95 OVR like Whitworth and Mangold.

EA Sports once again has broken down why these players have been ranked as the top 5 at their position, which you can see below.


Yanda is one of the game’s elite guards, and is playing for a contract extension in 2015. His 99 Run Blocking is tops in the league, and he also brings 90 Pass Blocking and 94 Strength.


Sitton provides NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers with the protection he needs thanks to 96 Pass Blocking and 88 Run Blocking. Sitton is a key component to the Packers’ high-scoring offense.


Peters starts with a league-best 98 Strength. His 97 Pass Blocking will be crucial to protecting the fragile Sam Bradford, and 96 Run Blocking will help make life easier for new additions DeMarco Murray and Ryan Mathews.


The six-time Pro Bowler has 91 Strength, and shows his veteran technique with 93 Run Blocking and 90 Pass Blocking.


Whitworth will be challenged by talented rookies Cedric Ogbuehi and Jake Fisher. He’ll be hard to unseat with 94 Strength, 98 Pass Blocking, and 89 Run Blocking.

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