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Madden 16 Top Punters Pin Down The Competition

by Dean James


After a couple weeks of displaying the top players at each position in the upcoming Madden 16, we have finally reached the end. After getting all offensive players, defensive players, and kickers, it’s now time for one of the most important in the game, the punter.

The Colts have a pretty high powered offense behind Andrew Luck, but when the offense stalls, Pat McAfee is there to keep the momentum on their side. With fantastic stats on the number of balls he put inside the 20 last year, McAfee is a major gamechanger in close games.

While McAfee has fantastic numbers from last year that got him the top spot, it’s hard to argue that there is anyone more talented at the position than the Rams’ Johnny Hekker. With the Kick Power and Kick Accuracy, and the ability to pull off a fake punt via the pass, Hekker is a dangerous weapon on special teams.

Matt Bosher has been a staple of the Falcons’ special teams for the last four years and has made quite the impressions with every team record at the position. Tied with Hekker for tops at the position in Kick Accuracy, Bosher is a key player on that roster.

Saints P Thomas Morstead has made a name for himself with his superb hangtime that makes it hard to return his punts. On 58 punts in 2014, only 99 total return yards were earned by the opposition, which is near unheard of.

Lions’ P Sam Martin is a man of many talents, with a pedigree for not only excellent punting, but also kickoffs duties. With a mix of his power and accuracy, Martin is dangerous in multiple facets of special teams.

Now that concludes the top players at each position list in Madden 16 and we still have three weeks until the game’s release. I’m sure there is plenty more to come, such as team ratings and such, so make sure to stay tuned, as well as checking out EA Sports’ breakdown of the top punters below.


McAfee put 30 punts inside the 20, and led the NFL with 70 touchbacks on kickoffs. His 97 Kick Power is tied for best among punters, and he also brings 92 Kick Accuracy and 88 Awareness.


Hekker has 97 Kick Power and 97 Kick Accuracy (both best among punters). A former high school quarterback, he is your choice for fake punts with 64 THP/65 TAS/40 TOR/79 AWR.


Bosher already owns all of the Falcons’ franchise records for punting, and ended 2014 with a 45.7-yard average. He has 92 Kick Power and 97 Kick Accuracy with 83 Awareness.


Morstead led all qualified punters by allowing just 99 return yards on his 58 punts. His net average was second in the league at 42.9 yards. He has 95 Kick Power and 91 Kick Accuracy with 86 Awareness.


Martin has 96 Kick Power and 95 Kick Accuracy with 80 Awareness, and he also helped the Lions with kickoffs in 2014. His total of 53 touchbacks tied for fifth in the league. 

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