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Madden 17 Top 5 Quarterbacks Prepare To Take The Field

by Dean James


The NFL preseason is only a couple weeks away and the anticipation for football is in the air once again, which means Madden 17 is just around the corner. Following up on the release of the top incoming rookies in the game, now EA Sports has revealed the ratings for the top 5 quarterbacks in the game.

Aaron Rodgers continues to be one of the best passers in the league for the Green Bay Packers and that is why he comes in at #1 in Madden 17 with a 96 OVR. While he may not be as agile on the run as some of the others on this list, he still is surprisingly quick with a 75 speed rating that goes well with his 95 throw on the run and 98 throw power stats.

The second QB on the list is the player that was the best in the league last year, with reigning NFL MVP Cam Newton at 94 OVR. His top tier speed, agility, and acceleration are great, but you can’t forget his 97 throwing power and 87 deep throw accuracy that makes him a true dual threat on the field for the Carolina Panthers.

Our #3 on the list may be sitting out the first four games of the upcoming season, but that in no way affects New England Patriots QB Tom Brady’s statistics with a 94 OVR. Coming off another stellar season, Brady has a 94 throw power and the best short throw accuracy in the game with a 98, making him one of the best precision passers in the game.

Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger seems to take a beating every season, but he comes back even stronger and that is why he has a 93 OVR. His 82 strength rating combined with a respectable 73 speed allows him to get out of the pocket a bit, along with his near the top of the league 95 throw power.

The last player in the Madden 17 top 5 preseason ranking at the QB position is the always reliable Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks with not only 85 speed, but a 93 throw power and 93, 91, and 88 throw power on short, mid, and deep respectively. This makes him dangerous all over the field, which is why he rounds out this top list.

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