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Main Series Pokemon Game Announced for Switch

by Kyle Hanson


The Pokemon Direct was a bit disappointing, mostly because a main series Pokemon game wasn’t announced like many had hoped and expected. Well, it seems that fans can get excited once again because during the Nintendo E3 Showcase they made the official announcement, saying that a “core Pokemon game” was under development for Nintendo Switch.

Unfortunately nothing was shown and no hard details were shared. The team was even clear that the game might be a long ways off, mentioning “a year” as a way to say, “don’t get excited just yet”. So while a main series Pokemon game is in the works for Nintendo Switch, don’t expect to be playing it until at least late 2018, and probably later.

This also marks a big shift for Nintendo and GameFreak. The 3DS has had unprecedented support, and surprising continued work after the release of the Switch. Many thought that the Switch would mark the end of the 3DS, but more and more games have been announced. It was clear that support would start to dry up, but no one knew when. Well with Pokemon shifting to Switch it means we’re likely to see the 3DS begin to end its life cycle.

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