Major Anthem Patch Fixes Some Old Problems While Others Persist And New Ones Emerge

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A major patch for Anthem has recently started making the rounds on PC and Xbox One aimed at eliminating many of the issues early adopters and critics have suffered through over the past several days.

And unfortunately, while it does address some of Anthem’s old problems, many users are reporting that some new ones have now taken their place and have taken to the game’s subreddit to document all the new issues introduced with the patch, as well as share their experiences about those it supposedly fixed.

To be clear, this isn’t unique to MMO-lite’s like Anthem (Destiny and The Division had its fair share of issues early on as well), but what’s notable here is that it never felt particularly polished to begin with.

So what new problems have emerged? There are several, but a notable one is that many are reporting that the PC version is moving even slower than before — which is particularly perplexing since the patch notes explicitly state that performance should have improved on the platform.

But perhaps the most perplexing thing of all is that the patch hasn’t actually done away with some of the game’s more glaring issues. The infamous long loading times? It turns out many players are still suffering from them and it seems that there’s a high CPU usage issue that’s tied to it but will require more testing to determine whether it’s the root cause. And the infamous sound cutout problem that randomly mutes all game sound, requiring a full restart to fix? It seems that hasn’t been fixed either.

It’s clear that EA and Bioware tried to improve Anthem before its full release tomorrow, but that clearly hasn’t worked out the way anyone would have liked. It’s not like there isn’t plenty of reference material though (which should have been used in advance), so it’s not like the game can’t bounce back from this. Of course, whether or not it actually does is still up in the air.

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