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Making the Xbox One X – ‘The Importance of 4K Can’t be Understated’

by Kyle Hanson


Microsoft has released a brand new “Making of” article all about the Xbox One X. In it the company breaks down a lot of their ideas about the console, how it fits within the gaming space, and the challenges they faced bringing the “most powerful console of all time” to market. They also emphasize the importance of the technological leaps they’re making, including the focus on 4K gaming.

“For gaming studios, the importance of 4K can’t be understated,” reads the piece. This is followed by various game developers explaining how 4K gaming and the Xbox One X altered their approach to making the games we all love.

“It’s a game changer, arguably the most meaningful upgrade to the viewing experience this generation. You get better contrast and a wider range of color and brightness, translating to a more realistic and immersive experience,” says Piotr Mintus, technology director for Platforms at Monolith Productions, the studio behind Middle-earth: Shadow of War.

So game developers like 4K, but what made Microsoft so keen on the technology? “We saw 4K TVs were going to be adopted, with much more meaningful images, bringing gaming experiences up to 4K resolution, maintaining continuous compatibility, bringing people forward into future without abandoning past,” explains Leo Del Castillo, general manager, Xbox hardware development at Microsoft. “We saw this as a natural progression of the product.”

Other features of the Xbox One X are explained, such as its overall speed. “Time is precious. We want you to get to what you want as fast as possible,” says John Snavely, principal design manager for Xbox. “This UI helps fun find you.”

The main hub of the Xbox has always been changing, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. Fans have argued endlessly about which system UI was the best, but with Xbox One X the focus seems to be on getting you to the things you want faster, while offering a level of customization that hasn’t been seen on Xbox before.

“The dashboard presents the Xbox world at a glance, so you know where you left off. But it also provides ideas on where else you can spend your time,” says Microsoft’s Athima Chansanchai. “The new carousel shows at a glance the your personalized activities and opportunities so you never miss out. Through usage or by up/down voting, it’ll show fun stuff you can do right now: friends playing or broadcasting, your next achievement or activities in your clubs. Owners can also customize their home page as much or as little as possible with their games, friends and clubs, including adding up to 40 pins.”

The Xbox One X is just around the corner, scheduled to hit store shelves on November 7th, 2017.

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