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No Man’s Sky Receives Profile In The New Yorker, Has Over 18 Quintillion Planets


The highly anticipated No Man’s Sky is set to release later this year on PlayStation 4 and fans are still eager to learn more about the upcoming title from Hello Games.

In a recent profile by The New Yorker, Hello Games and Sean Murray are put on the inspection table for their upcoming No Man’s Sky which according to the interview will put players into a galaxy containing “18,446,744,073,709,551,616 unique planets”. For those without a math degree, that is 18 quintillion and some change. Likely more planets than anyone could possibly visit in a lifetime, but that doesn’t stop Hello Games from creating them.

The piece also chronicles The New Yorker’s early look at an E3 demo that featured six planets and the journey that Hello Games and Sean Murray took to get that demo on stage at E3. Their small preview revealed that the game will have robotic drones that scour planets and attack inhabitants if they attempt to kill wildlife or illegally mine resources. It also confirms that the game will have space dogfights and more. The demo may be dated but there are hopes that the game will make an appearance at this years E3 2015 with a new demo and hopefully a release date if PlayStation & Hello Games stick to the ‘2015’ release date that was announced for No Man’s Sky.

All in all it is a bit interesting to see The New Yorker profile a game such as this before the general public has even gotten a chance to test the game out. I guess even Sony knows this as PlayStation Vice President, Adam Boyes went on record to say that No Man’s Sky is “potentially one of the biggest games in the history of our industry.” Those are some pretty big hype shoes to fill, hopefully fans will find out soon if it lives up to it. The legethy article can be seen here and offers a pretty good read.

No Man’s Sky is set to release sometime this year.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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