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Marvel Games Aware Of Issues People Have With The Marvel Ultimate Alliance Remasters

by Mike Guarino


The Marvel Ultimate Alliance games recently got the remaster treatment on current generation hardware, but since their release there’s been a lot of problems that have come to light that buyers are not happy with. While there had been no news on whether or not the developers were working on sorting the issues out, we’re now finally getting some word that the wheels are in motion.

Earlier today Marvel Games creative director Bill Rosemann took to Twitter to reveal to fans that they are aware of all of the problems that people have with the games. He said “#UltimateAlliance fans, we hear you & are sharing your concerns w/ our friends at @Activision! Please stay tuned!”

It remains to be seen how quickly Activision responds to the problems and releases patches to fix them, but it’s at least reassuring to hear some positive news amidst the launch week for two remasters that launched with a thud.

As far as all of the reported issues going on so far, the PC version definitely seems to be the worst of the bunch. Everything from the visuals and audio to the lack of support to rebind keys or hook up a standard controller have been reported, and you can check out more of the reactions from Steam users by clicking right here.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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