Marvel Snap Will Not Feature Microtransactions in New Mobile Card Game

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Marvel Snap is a new card game coming from Marvel Entertainment.  The title was recently announced and revealed to be a mobile card battler game, looking similar to something like Blizzard’s Hearthstone or other popular titles in the genre.  Marvel Snap is going to feature of ton of different cards that feature characters of the Marvel multi-verse.  Over 150 cards to be more precise, and the developers suggest that more cards will be added regularly.

Will Marvel Snap Have Microtransactions?

If you’ve played games like this, the ability to purchase cards or other microtransaction items can turn them into a pay to win game.  In Marvel Snap players will not have to purchase microtransactions if they want to compete.

“It’s really important to us that you’re not paying for power.  You can get every card in the game over time without paying anything,” said Julia Humphreys Senior Director on the game in the recently released announcement trailer.  You can find this trailer below, which goes into even more details about the gameplay mechanics in Marvel Snap and what you can expect from the game.

Marvel SNAP Announce Trailer

The Card Collecting Game is going to feature a unique playstyle that is focused on time.  Every match in Marvel Snap is said to take an average of three minutes and feature the namesake “Snap” mechanic which allows players to double the stakes in the match.  Every match in Marvel Snap will feature three random locations, game-changing effects, and the library of cards to use so players can strategize on the best uses of their resources.

Interested players can sign-up for the Marvel Snap beta here.  That is only for a limited closed beta test on Android devices though.  Once it’s gone into full release, Marvel Snap will be available on mobile devices as well as PC.

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