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Marvel Ultimate Alliance Remaster Doesn’t Have Achievements On Xbox One

by Mike Guarino


The bad buzz surrounding the recent Marvel Ultimate Alliance Remasters continues, and this time it has to to do with the Xbox One version of the first game. While the Xbox One versions were delayed two days, the games are out now and the first one comes with a pretty weird problem.

The problem has to do with the first game in the bundle, as it has been revealed that the game does not contain an achievement list. While this isn’t a major issue for those who don’t really care about them, it’s a feature that is so basic and synonymous with each and every Xbox release that its omission is glaring. It’s all the more glaring when you realize that the PlayStation 4 counterpart of the game has trophies, so who knows what went wrong there.

The Xbox One versions of the games seem to run a lot better than they do on PC, however, with no massive bugs happening to ruin the experience completely. However, the lack of effort that went into these remasters is definitely apparent, and hopefully the developers put a little more care into their work going forward.

Reporting problems with these Marvel Ultimate Alliance remasters has become a common thing lately, but hopefully nothing else major happens and the known issues get resolved sooner rather than later.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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