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Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite Soul Stone Details Revealed

by Jelani James


Earlier today, Capcom released a new trailer for Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite, revealing the final characters that will be available on launch and the final Infinity Stone: Soul Stone. The characters didn’t leave much to the imagination, but the Soul Stone was anything but, as the trailer didn’t fully explain what the heck was actually going on when the stone’s various abilities were used.

Fortunately, popular FGC personality Maximilian has had plenty of opportunity to learn the nuances of the Soul Stone ahead of its official reveal and was kind enough to release a video breaking down everything that the stone is capable of based on his time with the Gamescom build of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite.

In an earlier article, I questioned various functions about its effects, such as how much health players would be able to drain, how much life resurrected teammates would come back with, as well as how long they’d remain alive after their resurrection. Many of these questions were answered in the video, but it turns out there is far more to the stone than what the trailer let on. Quite honestly, I thought the stone was insane at first glance, but its actually even crazier than I imagined.

First off, the Infinity Surge functions like a whip that can be used to drain both the yellow and red health of the opponents health and recover some of your own. The amount of health gained isn’t particularly large and you can’t expect to often hit someone who is alert and not prone to randomly pressing buttons. Overall, it’s strong but not necessarily crazy.

The Infinity Storm, on the other hand, is quite nuts. I wondered about whether the teammate would come back permanently at full health and it appears that one of the cases I considered came to pass: KO’d teammates do come back permanently, but they only revive with roughly 20 percent health.

Amusingly enough, that isn’t even the craziest part about the Soul Stone’s Infinity Storm. Viewers might have noticed during the trailer that both teammates were active on the screen at the same time and it turns out this wasn’t some special ability belonging to either character or dynamic camera work — this is another function of the stone’s Infinity Storm. Regardless of the reserve teammate’s status, both characters will become active on screen to wreak havoc on their opponent. During this time, the player is free to unleash whatever attacks and hyper combos that the game allows, presenting an exceptionally difficult situation for the opponent.

With such a strong ability, it stands to reason that there would be a major downside to using the stone and Max reveals that there is. As he explains, upon activating the stone’s Infinity Storm, the reviving character is left in a vulnerable state. As such, since the field doesn’t actually impact the abilities of any character, its possible for the activating player’s characters to get caught in a happy birthday (when both characters on a team get hit and subsequently caught in a combo). Furthermore, since the reviving character only has about 20 percent of their health, it won’t take much for them to get KO’d again.

Based on this new information, the Soul Stone looks like it could be devastating if used in the right hands. I was expecting Reality Stone to be the most used Infinity Stone (during the game’s infancy at the very least), but it seems the Soul Stone could also see an equal amount of usage.

Check out Maximilian’s complete breakdown of the Soul Stone in the video below:

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