Marvel’s Iron Man VR Announced As PlayStation VR Exclusive

Fly through the skies as Iron Man in VR.

by Dean James
Marvel's Iron Man

Sony held their first PlayStation State of Play stream last night, which serves as their equivalent of a Nintendo Direct or Inside Xbox. This presentation gave us some neat reveals, one of the most surprising of which was a new exclusive game for PSVR starring one of the most popular superheroes around these days with the Marvel’s Iron Man VR.

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Within the below trailer that was published to the official PlayStation YouTube page after the event, you can watch the minute and a half they have given us of the game so far. From what we are shown in the trailer, Tony Stark starts in his private jet with us viewing this in first person. While speaking with his AI Friday, the villainous Ghost, who was the villain in the recent Ant-Man & The Wasp movie, takes over the feed for a second and ends up trying to crash his plane and sends Tony flying out of it.

This is where he calls on his Iron Man suit and we see some of the action starting with Iron Man’s HUD itself. This should be a treat to experience just because it will make us feel like we’re actually in the suit. The trailer then shows some of the combat with the usage of the PlayStation Move controllers, with each one controllers one of the hands of Iron Man. It is stated that it is required that you have two Move controllers to play at all.

No specific release date was given other than sometime in 2019, so perhaps we will get more details about a release window in an upcoming PlayStation State of Play presentation.

Marvel’s Iron Man VR – Announce Trailer PSVR