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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Peter’s Suit Gets a Few Upgrades in the Sequel

Time to suit up...

by Gordon Bicker


Following the release of the powerful Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 trailer in the PlayStation showcase. Eagle-eyed fans had spotted some differences in the main suit aesthetic of Peter Parker. These changes appear significant when pointed out with the suit taking a substantial bolder look.

The Changes to the Suit

Reddit User ‘Primer2396‘ made note of all of the main changes to the suit. Clearly seen in the image above, the suit itself has changed in the main colours to a more dazzling red with brighter whites and crisper blues scattered throughout the design of the suit.

Along with this, minor aesthetic details on the suit has changed, from the connectors around the arms disappearing for a more fixed flow and the arms themselves now showcasing a clear connector to the shoulders. Not only have the main border’s changed design, but the symbolic Spiderman emblem/logo on the chest has also been altered with the mid to upper body sections taking on a slicker form.

The Spiderman suits created by Insomniac Games have always had extremely expressive eye area animations and this is aided by the design of the eyes themselves. In the upcoming Spider-Man game, players can expect to see new shadowing and fading effects around the eyes for an even cleaner design.

The Spiders Make Their Mark

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 sees Peter Parker and Miles Morales put head to head against Venom and other deadly foes. The trailer showcased some of the core elements of narrative and theming we can expect in the final game.

The suit changes won’t aid Peter Parker in his fight but they will certainly allow for players to revel in how new and fresh the suit seems compared to the one from the first installment in the excellent series. Will you be trying out Peter Parker’s new suit?

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is set to release on Playstation 5 in 2023.

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