Marvel’s Avengers Updated Roadmap Coming September 8

New and Exciting Content On Its Way!

by Gordon Bicker
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On September the 2nd, an important blog post by Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics highlighted a new roadmap arriving on September 8th for Marvel’s Avengers fans. The newsletter was furthermore packed with information outwith the news about the roadmap itself, from anniversary bundles to marketplace updates and more. This article will serve as your information source for the biggest pieces of news from the post.

What will the Marvel’s Avengers roadmap cover?

The roadmap will give players an insight into all the upcoming content for the game during the rest of 2021. This could range from new cosmetics, new heroes, to missions, war zones, or even entirely new expansions akin to the recent ‘War for Wakanda’ revealed in the last roadmap.

There is an endless amount of possibilities that the developers may choose to release for players, this unpredictability with being unsure what to expect from roadmaps is what makes them so effusively exciting.

Celebrating One Year of Marvel’s Avenger’s — “I Still Believe In Heroes”

This month marks one year since the release of the game and throughout the year we have seen diverse and vast content being released to keep players returning to the experience to get their minds entranced in fresh Marvel content.

In order to celebrate the anniversary, the developers have released a free anniversary bundle available to collect from the store from now until the 8th of September. The bundle includes the following:

  • A new ‘Iron Man Iron Alloy’ outfit
  • Black Panther #10 nameplate
  • 2x ‘Hero’s Catalyst’ consumables (2 hours)
  • 2x ‘Fragment Extractor’ consumables (2 hours)

Along with the free bundle, players will also have the opportunity to experience a new Mission set/chain named “1 Year Anniversary!” which will be available until the 16th of September.

If players want to take part in the mission chain, you’ll need to complete each and every Campaign, the ‘Kate and Clint Operations’, and the ‘War for Wakanda‘ Expansion. You’ll be rewarded a new Nameplate that celebrates the anniversary upon completion.


What Are the New Marketplace Updates?

The marketplace will be brimming with new stock this month especially at the start due to the anniversary bundle. Players can also expect to see the ‘Marvel Studios Black Panther outfit’ as the featured item in the store this week. ‘Flashback’ bundles for characters Black Widow, Black Panther, Thor, and another pack featuring both Captain America and Ms. Marvel will also be available.

Marvel’s Avengers is available now for PlayStation 5/4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Google Stadia, and PC. September is a busy month for Marvel fans!

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