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Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer Update – ‘No Planned Patches’, Still Some Changes

by Kyle Hanson


Mass Effect Andromeda may have largely been abandoned by its developer, cancelling all plans for upcoming DLC and patches. However, there are still tons of people loading up and playing its vast multiplayer mode. Bioware has issued a new Mass Effect Andromeda multiplayer update, explaining what players can expect in the future, which won’t include any patches, but does have some new characters and possibly other changes.

“In the coming months, we’re introducing three new character kits to Mass Effect: Andromeda’s multiplayer,” explained Bioware. “We’ll also continue to introduce challenging new weekly APEX missions that play to the strengths of these new kits and abilities.”

The new character kits include the Human Artificer in October. “This genius programmer in a suit of Remnant Tech Armor is a highly-capable support character. Invasion and Cryobeam weaken and disable enemies, while the Remnant VI adds DPS and opportunities for combo detonations.”

November will bring the Human Commando and Guardian. The Commando will combine biotic and combat abilities to deal out some massive damage. The Commando is more about teamwork, disabling opponents to be finished off with some team fire.

The update closes with the admission that “no planned patches” are coming in the foreseeable future, but that doesn’t mean the Mass Effect Andromeda multiplayer community is being abandoned. “Our team is continuing to look into quality-of-life requests from our players. We’ll also have more opportunities for you to get APEX elite packs, including a special N7 Day mission.”

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