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Mass Effect: Andromeda Price Dropped to $40 on Amazon

by Kyle Hanson


Mass Effect: Andromeda had its issues, no doubt, but it still offers dozens of hours of quality scifi entertainment. Some, seeing the problems in the story and gameplay, felt that the full price of $60 was too much. Instead opting to hold back for a sale of some kind. That sale seems to have arrived with Amazon dropping the Mass Effect: Andromeda price to $39.99 for both PS4 and Xbox One.

This is for the standard edition, with the price remaining $49.99 on PC. The Deluxe Edition has also been discounted though, dropping to $49.99 on Xbox One and PS4. It’s currently cheaper to buy the game in its physical form and have it shipped than it is to buy it digitally.

Prices like this will likely end up causing Mass Effect: Andromeda to sell out on Amazon, so if you’ve been waiting for a sale, you should probably buy it quickly. The game may not be perfect, especially when compared to the original trilogy, but it is certainly worth $40 to a whole lot of gamers out there.

We’ve also seen already that Bioware is dedicated to fixing some of the issues with Mass Effect: Andromeda. A massive patch was already released that fixed a ton of problems and made some significant quality of life changes to the game. We’re hoping to see more in the future, so the game you get for $40 could be a lot better than what many received at launch.

The Mass Effect series is certainly one of the all time greats, but its last two entries have come with some significant controversy. Mass Effect 3 saw the end of the original trilogy, and the closure of the Shepard vs Reaper story, but the ending was lambasted across the gaming community. Andromeda had other problems though, some of which can’t be fixed in a simple update, but perhaps this is a rocky start to a great new trilogy.

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